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Harry with Ozone Pest Control since 2005 and highly recommend his services. He is very knowledgeable and courteous. My tenant has never reported any issues with bugs at the home and has never complained about his services. I have also referred Ozone Pest Control to many of my clients, all of which have been very happy with the service they have received.

Prior to Ozone Pest Control we were using one of the larger companies in town. The treatment they used did not seem as effective and the technician seemed to be someone different more often than not. I believe that Harry has over 20 years’ experience and puts his clients first.

I highly recommend Harry and Ozone Pest Control.

-Phil Robinson Home Key Realty

I have had Ozone Pest Control's service for just about 2 years. In the past, I have had unpleasant situations with other pest control companies.

I cannot find enough compliments to praise Ozone Pest Control. I have never had to call them to repeat any service. They are courteous and friendly. They will call you every month when service is due. A worry free service! If they say they will be at your home, they will be! And... the price is right! I would and will recommend Ozone Pest Control to anyone with pleasure.

-Bernice Cucinotta-Queen Creek, AZ

I have been using Ozone Pest Control for a few years and I wouldn't use any other pest control. I can count on Ozone to be at my house the day and time they say they will be there not days later like other places. The price is always fair. And no more bugs! I tell everyone to use Ozone.

-Celeste Elias- Gilbert, AZ

February 4th, 2013

It is with extreme pleasure that I write this letter of reference for Ozone Pest Control. I've had the pleasure of dealing with Ozone for the past two years. Ozone is a company that has considerable honesty and integrity.

They possess tremendous knowledge of the industry and Harry has great interpersonal skills. Ozone has demonstrated professionalism in interacting with me and other clients that I am aware of.

Respectfully submitted,

-Bill Babey - San Tan Valley, Arizona

Hello, Harry and Ozone Pest Control,

We want you to know that we appreciate your work in keeping our Gold Canyon property pest free. We like that we don't have to think about your service happening. Your quick email lets us know what day you will be here. You let us pay through PayPal or through our online banking that can be set up for us not to think about that too. Reliable service is good. When we purchased our home 3 years ago, you were on the vendor list left by the homeowner. I called around and learned that your pricing was, by-far, the best deal. Price can get you business, but it is your reliable service that keeps our business for you. No contract, no trip charges, no bugs!! Yes. We like you, Ozone.

Thank you very much.

-Garry and Jan Heinrich


Ozone Pest Control in Queen Creek AZ has what it takes to rid you of your unwanted guests. Living in the Arizona Desert you find a variety of bugs here. From Ants and Cockroaches, to Scorpions and Black Widows plus the usual vermin such as mice and rats. Your home is inviting to them all.

There are many pest control services out there to choose from and unfortunately many set up to charge you plenty of money and not deliver the quality service you expect and deserve. That's what makes this local family owned business different. Ozone Pest Control is and always has been built on the principles of giving its customers the best service available at a fair and affordable price.

I recently had a client who had purchased a home through me almost 12 months ago and she called me up in some what of a panic.

She wrote:

"OK - totally freaked out here . . . we have swarming flying termites. I brought in a 'sample' to my bosses' husband (who is a bug guy) & he confirmed. He's checking with his boss about our options. I thought we had a termite warranty on our house, but is that only for the burrowing/tunneling ones or would that include the flying swarming ones also??? I can just see this getting very $$$$$. John's sister had them in San Diego & had to have their house tented. Yes, I'm completely freaking out. I wonder too if our home warranty would cover anything or our insurance policy. Have you guys ever dealt with this before????"

Not knowing the first thing about flying termites, I quickly forwarded this on to Harry at Ozone Pest Control and this was his reply:

The "Swarming flying type" is actually a form of a termite in all termite families. They are reproductive. When a colony gets so big it swarms to relieve the main colony and to grow elsewhere. The swarms then mate and build a colony. Tell her nothing to worry about, check the electric box on her home and see if the pre-treat label is on the door. This should tell her when it was pretreated and also how much time is on her warranty. Home insurance will not cover this, there going to have to get it treated. I can give a free estimate for what those charges would be. As long as they are Subterranean termites, and almost all termites in Arizona are, she will not have to have it tented. Also let her know her house is not going to fall down. - Harry.

My client had Ozone Pest Control over to view the situation and he quickly put the home owner at ease. My client later called me to thank me for referring Harry to them.

She said he was "noticeably clean and professional" while he was in their home, and explained the situation to them very well.

-- Sheryl Robinson - Home Key Realty

I have been a customer of Ozone for several years. They serviced my house in Gold Canyon and when I moved into Mesa, I kept them as my pest control provider. I love the fact they make appointments in advance and offer a two hour window on when they will arrive and they make it within that time.

They are quick and efficient while doing the service and any time I have asked for something extra they have provided it. I highly recommend them.